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Troy and Ancient Greece

History Themes


and Homer's epic poem,
The Iliad

Troy for Children

Heroes of Troy
The Musical Workshop - BBC

The Odyssey

After the Trojan war, Odysseus (King of Ithaca) set off to sail home.
His ship was blown badly off course and his journey home took him to many fascinating and dangerous places.

In the same way that the poet Homer wrote about the Trojan War in his poem "The Iliad",
he also wrote about Odysseus' journey home in his poem "The Odyssey".

Part 1 of Sparknotes Video about The Odyssey is above
Click here for Part 2 - - Part 3

Characters from the Iliad

King Priam of Troy

Hector & Paris

Helen of Sparta / Helen of Troy

King Menelaus of Sparta

King of Mycenae (King of 46 Kings)
(Brother of Menelaus)

(Cousin of Hector/Paris, Captive of Achilles)

(King of the Myrmidons)

(Friend of Achilles and King of Ithaca)

(Cousin of Achilles)

(Great Greek Warrior)

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