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Somewhere in Europe


(Liam Reilly / Bagatelle)

Verse I:

It's been a long time since we were together
I'm back in Ireland and I miss you more than ever
In early Spring we parted
And I've been here since then
But if I could only see you once again

Meet me in Paris on a Champs-Elysees night
We could be in Rome again,
'Neath the Trevi fountain light
We should be together, and maybe we just might
If you could only meet me somewhere in Europe tonight

Verse II:
I remember Amsterdam as we sailed along the canal
And as the leaves began to fall,
We were walking in old Bruxelles
In the Black Forest on a German Summer's day
And the memories refuse to go away


Verse III:
Don't you remember those Adriatic days
I miss your laughter and all your little ways
I can still see you in London,
Walking on Trafalgar Square
And drinking wine in Old Seville,
How I wish that we were there

Chorus x 2

Somewhere in Europe tonight
Somewhere in Europe

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