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School Rules


  • It is vital for your son's success and progress at St. Cronan's, especially in preparation for Secondary School, that your son's attendance is both regular and punctual.
  • Family trips/holidays should be organised to coincide with school holidays where possible, please.
  • Absences should be explained in writing to the pupils teacher. (Medical Certs may be required)
  • The National Educational Welfare Service is notified in the event of a child being absent for 20 days or more, in the course of any one school year.
  • Each time a student is late, it is logged on our Aladdin online database for attendance.

Healthy Lunch Policy:

  • St. Cronan's BNS operates a healthy lunch policy.
  • Each child should have a lunch which contains a substantially healthy in nature.
  • The following items are not permitted; Nuts (due to nut allergies), Crisps, Fizzy Drinks and Chewing Gum.
  • Treats such as chocolate biscuits and bars should only be given on Fridays.
  • Please be aware that quite a lot of lunch items available are 'dressed-up' as healthy, nutritious foods but which in reality are laced with sugar and other additives. We appeal to your common sense in this regard.
  • Water is by far the best drink option for school lunches.
  • In line with our Waste-Management Policy, students should take all of their lunch-time waste home with them.


  • Homework is given each evening in 6th Class.
  • Spellings and Tables should be learned each night.
  • Some Maths tasks are given each night also.
  • Reading Homework is not always assigned, but it is expected that students will read from a library book / class novel nightly.
  • Often 'learning' or 'study' work is given. Although this is not necessarily written homework, it is deemed just as important, and adequate time should be spent on these learning tasks.
  • E-Learning Homework is assigned each week, where students are expected to spend some time on the History and Geography activities that are laid out on this class website.
  • All homework given is prepared and discussed in class.
  • Homework should take between 45-60 minutes each night. If your son is regularly taking more than 60 minutes to complete his homework, please sign his homework journal to inform his teacher that this is the case.
  • Homework Notebooks and copies will be checked on a regular basis.
  • If a student doesn't have any homework done from the previous night, he will be asked to complete the homework at lunchtime, or the following night.


  • Following consultation with parents some years ago a school uniform was chosen for pupils.
  • Results from the Uniform Survey in 2014 can be found by clicking here.
  • In the interest of the overall appearance of the children, individually and collectively all pupils are requested to wear the school uniform every day.
  • The boys should wear a blue crested jumper, grey shirt, school tie, grey trousers and shoes.
  • On P.E. days the boys should wear a crested school tracksuit, an grey polo t-shirt or school GAA jersey, trainers/runners. School shorts, with polo t-shirt may be worn in warm weather.
  • ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT should be clearly marked with your child's name.

St Cronan's Uniform 1
St Cronan's Uniform 2

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