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Recommended Resources for Home

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Recommended Resources for Home
These resources can be used beyond the regular homework

Read At Home 6 - C.J. Fallon
Short stories (1 per day) with oral questions at the end to check comprehension.

New Wave English in Practice 6 - Prim-Ed
One exercise per day covering a wide variety of grammar concepts.

Am Don Leamh 5 & 6 - Folens
Short passages in Irish with comprehension questions (oral or written).

Leigh Sa Bhaile E & F - C.J. Fallon
Short passages in Irish (1 per day) with comprehension questions (oral or written).

Essential Facts & Tables - Prim-Ed
Helpful Maths and English facts.

Handwriting Copy - B4 Narrow
Neat Handwriting should be practised on a regular basis at home.

A4 Hardback Copy
Creative Writing at Home Copy

Encourage your child to keep a regular diary of events and thoughts.

Newspapers - Local & National / Watching the News on the Television
Encourage your child to take an interest in current affairs by reading the newspaper and watching the news regularly,
and discuss news stories at home.

Library Membership Card
Regular reading at home for pleasure cannot be underestimated.
Bring your child to the library regularly and encourage them to pick a varied selection of books.
You can refer to the
Reading Lists on our School Website

A3 / A4 Art Pad and Coloured Pencils / Paints
Encourage your child to create drawings and artwork at home on a regular basis.

Simple Musical Instruments
Give your child the opportunity to explore music. There are several musical instruments that can be bought cheaply,
such as Tin Whistle, Recorder, Harmonica and free tutorials are readily available online.

(Valuable Resources long after leaving Primary School)

English Dictionary - Oxford
Thesaurus - Oxford
Focloir Poca - An Gum

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