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Ice Skating

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On the 8th January '09, our class went to
7up Christmas on Ice at the RDS

Ice Skating At the RDS

Today Mr ” Broinís class and Mr McGovernís class went to the 7up on Ice in the RDS. The day was fun and enjoyable.

As soon as we came in to school, we headed down to Bray DART Station. When the DART came we got on and got off at Sandymount Station. The walk from Sandymount Station to the RDS was about 10 minutes.

When we arrived at the RDS we put our bags away and got our skates. Eventually we got on the ice and we all had a good time. Nearly all of us fell but we got back up and kept on trying. When the skating was over we had our lunch and got the DART back to Bray.

Overall the day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

By Liam Hogan

This Thursday, the 8th January, our class went ice skating in the RDS, 7up Christmas on Ice.

We set off from the school at about 8:55, and headed down to the DART station. We then got the DART from Bray to Sandymount, and walked to the RDS.

We got our skates fitted and left in our shoes and then went onto the cold ice. Some people were doing great from the start, but it took most of us a few minutes to adjust to the slippery surface. We had great fun going round and round the circuit, and the people who still found it tricky had fun in the beginnerís rink.

Afterwards, we had time to get changed (as some of us were soaking wet after falling over) and have our lunch. Our lunch was well needed as we had spent an hour skating, and we were all tired and hungry. Some of us got hot drinks to warm us up too.

As we were leaving the rink, we were each given a free bottle of 7up and a green Santa Hat. We came back on the DART to Bray and when we got back we were all tired from the skating and the journey.

Overall, it was a great, fun-packed day, and the whole class enjoyed it.

By Thomas Rafferty

Today the 8th of January my class Mr ” Broinís class and Mr McGovernís class went to 7UP on Ice to ice-skate. Our transport to and from the ice-rink was our feet and a DART.

When we got there we walked straight to the blades room to get our blades. When we got our blades on we had to wait to go on to the ice because we had to wait for the other people and the other schools to get their blades on. At the ice-rink there was a large ice-rink, a learning rink and a sled lane. There was also a games room but it was not operational. There was a small shop but the items that were in the shop were quite expensive.

I enjoyed myself like many other people and it was a very successful day because no one got hurt except for an incident at Bray DART station which included a boy and a hard lamp-post.

By David Quinlan

The photos below are by our
photographer for the day
Peter Concannon

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