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Concern Christmas Fast '08


On 9th December '08, we all took part in the

Christmas Fast

There were two main reasons that we decided to do the Fast;

  • To raise money for those in poorer countries who regularly struggle with hunger.
  • To see what it is like to be hungry !

Earlier this year, Fionnagh Nally, a representative from Concern brought the author John Dougherty into our class. Hopefully after we have sent in the funds that we raise, she will return to our class and explain to us exactly how the money will be used.

Thank you to all those who sponsored us !

So far we have raised €1,887.50

Today on the 9th of December, our class fasted for the charity
Concern. We started at six o’clock on Monday night and we stopped at two o’clock on Tuesday. The day was long, with the whole class skipping breakfast and then we waited, working like normal. To make it fair our teacher Mr Ó Broin fasted with us and he also got one of the other teachers to help and also fast with us as well.

When we finished the fast, our teacher was really nice and he ordered five 12-inch pizzas. We each got two slices and then our good teacher gave us each a chocolate bar.

The day was really fun and I hope to do it again in the future.

By Garreth Byrne

On the 9th of December 2008, Our class (including our teacher, Mr. Ó Broin) Fasted for the “Concern Christmas Fast”. We started by collecting money from family and neighbours that we knew. Some pupil got loads of money up to about two hundred Euro, but others (although they tried hard) got small amounts. Most boys hoped to raise fifty Euro.

The fast began at six in the afternoon the day before hand. We skipped breakfast the next morning and had no lunch at school. The fast ended at two in the afternoon. It was a twenty hour fast but boys like Ivan and Jim stayed on for twenty four hours. It was a long day!

The fast was very enjoyable and we happily got Four Star Pizza afterwards. I hope to do it again in secondary school!

By Andrew Dore

The fast last Tuesday was quite hard. Of course, the first half of it was very easy, from 6:00 pm on Monday to early Tuesday morning. It was about at 11 am on Tuesday that it started to get quite hard! However, if you buy something nice for breaking the fast it makes it feel absolutely fabulous.

But, putting the effort of the fast in is quite an experience. I had never felt anything like doing a fast. Some people are, of course, better at doing a fast than others. Also, how much other people care if phenomenal! Our class has raised just under €1500 so far, and in a class our size that is huge.

If I were to be given the choice of doing it again or not, I would definitely do it again.

By Peter Concannon

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