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Ambassador's Visit '08

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The Chinese Ambassador to Ireland

On Friday 12th September, the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland,
Mr Liu Biwei visited our school. He came to say thanks to us for the donation that we made to the victims of the recent earthquake. He also invited us to form a partnership with a school in Beijing with over 2000 pupils.

Thomas from our class welcomed him to the school, then Ms Healy and the choir performed for him. Five boys from Mr Ó Broin's Tin Whistle Club played also. Pádraig from fifth class danced a reel and then some boys from Ms Healy's class showed the Ambassador how to dance the "Walls of Limerick" (Ballaí Luimní).

We really enjoyed his visit, and at the end, one of the Ambassador's assistants sang "Molly Malone" with us ! It was great craic !!

Chine Ambassador

On the Friday 12th, the Ambassador of China came to visit our school. When he entered the room every one gave him a huge clap. To welcome the Chinese Ambassador, Thomas Rafferty gave a little speech. Then the choir sang a song called "Any Dream Will Do" and then a boy called Christopher said an other little speech about a song called "Tuirne Mháire" which the choir sang after Christopher's speech. After that 5 boys called Liam Roy, Donncha Crowley, Colm Fleming, Conor O Doherty and Liam Hogan played the Tin Whistle. They played 2 songs which were Planxty Irwin and Sally Gardens. After the Tin Whistler's, Pádraig Murphy did some old Irish dancing which was very entertaining. Right after 8 boys from Miss Healy's class did the dance the Walls Of Limerick. The great thing about that was that we got the Chinese Ambassador in. The day ended in a great success.

by Donncha Crowley

On the 12th of September, Mr. Liu Biwei, the Chinese Ambassador in Ireland came to visit our school. First, Mr. Dodd gave him a tour of the school and visited some classrooms. Afterwards, he came into the hall, where the fifth and sixth classes we waiting for him. First he said a speech, and then we entertained him. The choir sang two songs, five boys played some tin whistle, Ms. Healy's class did Irish Dancing, which the ambassador joined in with, and one of the ambassador's assistants sang 'Molly Malone' with us. It was a great day and a fantastic experience.

by Thomas Rafferty

Mr O Broin's Tin Whistle Group

The Job of an Ambassador

An Ambassador is a high ranking diplomat who represents their country in a foreign country. Normally an ambassador will have an interpreter with them to translate. The ambassador lives in an Embassy. The embassy is usually in that country's capital city. The ambassador also goes and meets the country's government and attends different meetings with big, or small organisations. (s)He also attends, in the case of my school, places around the country. The job of an ambassador is a tough one and I won't be one myself, but hey, they get to travel to lots of foreign countries and see a lot of things!!!

by Conor O' Doherty

The ambassador is the representative of a country, who occasionally lives in an other country. Ambassadors usually are assigned to one country, and are very important, being high up in the government. The ambassador is the highest minister in the government. There are resident and non-resident ambassadors, with non-resident ambassadors living in the country the represent, and resident living in the country their work involves. The Chinese ambassador is a resident ambassador.

by Peter Concannon

St Cronan's Chinese Ambassador Visit

Ambassador: Mr. Liu Biwei
Address: 40 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland
Tel: 01-2691707, 2601119
Office Hours: 09:00-12:30, 14:30-17:30, Monday-Friday (except holidays)

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